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Article by Prof. Psaraftis. Published in Lloyd's List, Jan 22nd 2004.
"Europe port 'patchwork' needs to be redesigned".

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Letter to the Editor of Lloyd's List in response to Prof. Psaraftis' Article.

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European Ports' Forum Workshop
Thessaloniki, 4th December 2003
"Port's Efficiency through Technology and Management"

Themes of the Workshop

This European Ports' Forum Workshop will address current and emerging environmental law and management issues relating to ports.

The workshop will examine Information Systems in ports and terminals and how they can improve their efficiency.

Speakers and panellists will explore effective management and strategy approaches that have been successful in improving the efficiency of ports and terminals. Innovative and daring suggestions will be presented to realise the potential of European ports in the context of a determined drive to establish interregional sea motorways.

Features of the Workshop

  • Issues will be addressed that concern European Ports today and that will help shape their future prosperity.
  • There will be an inclusive and consultative format, which will encourage participation from the floor.
  • Executives involved in the Maritime Transport Industry will contribute actively in the panel discussions.

Who should attend?

This Workshop is addressed to all actors of the European Ports Industry:

  • State and European Institutions
  • Port and Terminal Managers
  • Port Stakeholders (stevedores, shipping lines, agents, freight forwarders, and logistics service providers)
  • Research Organisations
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Port and Transport Consultants

Attendance Fee
No attendance fee will be charged.

Payment should be made by cheque to NECL. Please see below for forwarding information.

This workshop is organised by the European project TRAPIST (Tools and Routines to Assist Ports and Improve Shipping) co-funded by DG TREN of the European Commission under the 5th R&D Framework Programme. The organisers and participants are solely responsible for the opinions expressed in the workshop, which do not represent that of the European Community.

Venue: Thessaloniki Port Authority
Warehouse D, Pier No1

For more information contact:

Bénédicte Sage
Nautical Enterprise Centre Ltd
7, Sheares Street
Tel.:+353 (0)21 4906200
Email: bsage@necl.ie